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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what is l0ve t0 me...

because i love them, i remain silent,
because i'm afraid they will get hurt with my w0rds.
because i l0ve them, i let my heart to be hurt,
because i want them to feel relief,
because i l0ve them, i cry al0ne,
because i d0n't want them w0rry ab0ut me,
because i l0ve them, i let myself became invisible,
because i kn0w i disrupting their vision,
because i l0ve them, i d0nt inv0lve in anything they d0,
because i kn0w i just disturbance to them,
because i l0ve them, i let them think badly of me,
because i kn0w, they can laught and smile t0gether 0n it.
i never expect them t0 treat me like a princess,
i never expect t0 gain their l0ve,
but i always l0ve them like hell until i die..


W@n! said...

i luv u .. :)

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